novo mundo 1

by Brilhante
created Nov 2, 2014
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said Nov 2, 2014
Other than the first section having the large prisms not visible in the previous version, I liked the previous version more (especially the lighting effect that you did in the foggy area).
Still some problems with the map, but I think Bird does fine at pointing out map flaws.
edited Nov 2, 2014
said Nov 2, 2014
you fixed being unable to see the character and prisms, but there is still a lack of checkpoints, arrows for no reason that point you in the wrong direction, layer 20 covering dust, dust and platforms placed awkwardly, unfun over the top difficulty sections, and background that looks like foreground. 2/5

Edit: Apparently theres a hidden prism in the tree, gonna have to dorp my score back down to a 1/5 because its really annoying to figure out how to SS, let alone how annoying it is to play the rest of the level already.

Edit 2: the first 2 votes on this map were both 1's, the next 2 votes were both 5's. Please rate maps correctly.
edited Nov 2, 2014
said Nov 3, 2014
Please remove this map, since you have the latest map uploaded.

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