novo mundo

by Brilhante
created Nov 1, 2014
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said Nov 1, 2014
IAEE returned + and a map for you!
said Nov 1, 2014
Confusing and annoying design, unclear paths that just make the player frustrated and bored.

enemies behind layer 20 to make me more frustrated

Tiles on layer 20 to cover dust an enemies

No indication of foreground vs background or layer 20

lack of checkpoints

said Nov 1, 2014
excuse me I think I flinched this ugly,
said Nov 1, 2014
was with an idea in the head but put something else.
was watching very illusory painting unintentionally blotted on fase.kkkk
said Nov 1, 2014
Very pretty map.

Route was slightly confusing but bearable.

Only major complaint I have is the place with all the gargoyle statues. They hide the enemies.

Oh, and slightly too many knights for my liking. Other than that it's cool.
said Nov 1, 2014
Very fun!
said Nov 1, 2014
In light of your submissions I think it's worth taking a moment to reflect on the idea of custom maps and level design in general. What is the desire of a map maker in creating a map? Generally, it's to provide the player with a meaningful experience, and this tends to be accomplished in one of a few ways. The map can be "fun" (i.e. simple but satisfying). It can be "challenging," providing the player with the opportunity to push their limits in a meaningful way. It can be "interesting" by providing the player with novel visuals, or some sort of story.

When you make a map, I think it's worth asking yourself what your purpose is. Do you wish to make something fun? Difficult? Just plain cool? And how do you plan to do this? Personally, I don't feel that your maps provide me with a meaningful experience in any of these dimensions. Maybe that's just my personal taste, but I find it very difficult to engage with your maps in terms of gameplay, or on an aesthetic level. It took me over a minute to figure out where I was even meant to go at the beginning of this map. I'd suggest you focus more on clarity in your maps, and justify each addition to the map, making sure things don't get too cluttered. Just my thoughts. /rant
said Nov 2, 2014
It's hard to see where you spread dust sometimes because of the foregrounds and the hidden tunnel at the start was kinda silly but I think this level flowed pretty well once I knew everything. The foregrounds have got to go though or just not make it hard to see where one spreads dust.
said Nov 2, 2014
Não consigo enxergar. Da próxima vez tente não colocar tantas decorações na frente dos inimigos e do jogador, isso dificulta bastante.
said Nov 2, 2014
finally someone that actually speaks portuguese shows up

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