by Brilhante
created Oct 24, 2014
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said Oct 24, 2014
it's hard to see on your maps.
said Oct 24, 2014
i loaded in

lol'd after 2 seconds of attempting to play the level

then i exited out of the level because it was so bad
said Oct 24, 2014
The tree is pretty.
said Oct 24, 2014
You have loads of good ideas but they are just not executed too well unfortunately :c
Probably not Towelie
said Oct 24, 2014
My only advice is take your time man, you're too quick to post your ideas when you should be fine tuning them. For your next level, make sure you ask someone to test it and give you some feedback. I'm sure with a few tries you can put something up that looks and plays very well. As it stands now though, your maps have not been good at all.
said Oct 24, 2014
Come on dude, you can do better than this. Take your time to work on your maps and make sure they're fun, tight and rewarding to play. You've literally just thrown shit everywhere. I think if you're designing maps like this you need to go and play the game a bit more and realise what makes it tick. Best of luck, man :)
said Oct 26, 2014
essa foi boa! Acho que se vocĂȘ organizou-lo um pouco mais, poderia ter sido ainda melhor.

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