hella fly skyline

by sc!
created Oct 13, 2014
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fog leaves

map notes
my second map. This time it's got legit camera work and SOUNDSCAPING

i think it's better

tell me if you find any problems


said Oct 13, 2014
I had a lot of trouble telling what metal bits were real and what were background on my first play through.

Honestly, a little bit disappointed after your super awesome library level :c
edited Oct 13, 2014
said Oct 13, 2014
>A< i shoulda made the background bits foggier
said Oct 13, 2014
I like it more after playing it again now, but this bit is really really annoying and I hope I never see it again ever. :p http://puu.sh/cbkB9/7d6d134c5b.jpg
said Oct 13, 2014
This is pretty great, and yeah, the background is iffy in places, but it's really fun flying around with that background going past. Good stuff.
edited Oct 13, 2014
Probably not Towelie
said Oct 13, 2014
I really like the background theme of this map, just, like others have already said, make sure that the collision layer is most visible and the others are "clearly" backgound. Other than that great level.
kill the dustbinary
said Oct 13, 2014
I'm probably just dumb but there's a jump in the middle of the level that is really awkward for Worth. p. cool level otherwise.

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