Zetta Sliding

by Aydin
created Oct 11, 2014
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map notes
Well who doesnt love Zetta-Slides! do you know one? this is my 12.th or 13.th map.
thanks to superkid for helping with the color layer and the others for testing the map ;)
Comment and rate fairly! it helps me alot! ;) have fun! :3


said Oct 11, 2014
looks cool pretty decent map, spikes one again a bit tight and allows for little creativity.
said Oct 11, 2014
i concur ^

like it but wish there was a bit more room
said Oct 13, 2014
Good flow here. If you can adapt this into a virtual level with some more free space, it'll be good ;-)
The Zetta slides don't really fit in a tunnel themed level, they're more fun if you get some speed and some height.
said Oct 14, 2014
i will remember that for the next time bro ;)
that was a virtual level .-. i used layer 16 to change the color of the virtual blocks ;)
"you can ADAPT this into a virtual level" x3
edited Oct 14, 2014

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