Stupid Prism Map 8

by Superkid
created Oct 4, 2014
432 views | 843 downloads

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map notes
Created for the 38th Custom Map Race.

Have fun!


said Oct 4, 2014
i love the colors of the prisms, but the background looked solid to me at first, also felt too long for a CMR. Outside of a CMR though, 5/5 on this map
said Oct 5, 2014
Thanks man.
said Oct 4, 2014
After a while...this didn't do well for my eyes or my dizzy spells.....

Probably good I didn't join the CMR. I couldn't finish this map.
said Oct 5, 2014
I noticed after some testing that it's probably too colorful, but was too lazy to fix it :x
My sense for difficulty is probably really bad, I thought it's a doable level and a good fit for a CMR :/
said Oct 5, 2014
Have to say I actually really like this map. Though the map might be rather tough for someone like me who is still working on SSing all the regular levels it's great practice for air control which is what I have the most problems with currently. Thanks for the upload!
said Oct 5, 2014
It wasn't the difficulty that bothered me so much as it was the flashing colors. I might've been able to finish, but the rapid color flashing and switching made it such that it bothered my eyes too much for me to finish.

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