Twin Falls Revisited

by videohead
created Sep 28, 2014
337 views | 668 downloads

/ 12 votes

/ 5 votes

map notes
A remake of my first map. It has many significant changes, both graphical and gameplay- wise.


said Sep 28, 2014
What's up with these votes? It's quite good, I love big jumps over gaps with pretty backgrounds.
- The bit with the turkey, the slide, and then the bear is really awkward and a lot harder than anything else in the map, and it feels like there's no real way to do it quickly. Plus, you get your super right at the bear, so you assume that you should use it on the bear, but that leaves you with no super at the very end with the bears and the wolves. You learn this after one time around, but it still feels a bit off. Other than that, good stuff.
said Sep 28, 2014
Thanks for the comment. Funny that this is my worst- voted map; I thought the original was quite bad but it has 4 hearts.
said Sep 28, 2014
Seem to be a lot of random 1 voting going round, not sure what's up with that.
said Sep 28, 2014
Better than the original imo.
said Sep 28, 2014
Good map. My one complaint is that in the last section, if you walk on the ground, the camera doesn't follow you. This is a problem for boosting off the small slopes for any%.

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