by parangaah
created May 4, 2012
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map notes
Aldacia Chapter One

What you gonna read now could be a nice story from the wonderland... but no, this is the result of my first experience overall about making a map.. i tried explore what we can do with it and i'm very pleased, yes, thank you!
maybe i finished a bit random, as I (and hopefully you too) can see, but to learn and create took me sometime.. the cristals there, was there, first to assist but them i put some more just to have something to deal with, anyway. good time making it, thanks!!! This name suposed to be Aldacia can i change it? thanks!
edited May 4, 2012


Miss Andry
said May 5, 2012
It's a very nice looking level, although the level itself feels kind of weird. I didn't really like the ending since I had to wait for everything to die
said May 5, 2012
thanks Miss Andry!!!! i rly apreciated your feedback, im working on another map, will take more time to think about an good ending...
said May 6, 2012
I liked it a lot, a lot of great detailing finds, which made it a pleasure to walk through and search for all the crystals. I actually quite liked the ending, seemed to fit and the barrage of animals looked great.
said May 7, 2012
thanks Tinker!!!! when I started creating this map, I first figure something like "find the crystals", but, oh well. it just changed... but im glad that you like it overall, it took me some days to create so yea im apreciating your feedback :DDDD

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