by crankyhenk
created Sep 15, 2014
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map notes
Relatively short castle themed map

Feel free to leave a comment if anything comes up!


Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 15, 2014
It's a good first map, but you can go left at the start and nothing stops you, no camera, no death zones, you just jump into the void and fall forever.  The whole map has a lot of parts like that, and deathzones would really help IMO.  The route is decently fun if you know it, but there's no real guidance on what that is (no camera) and I jumped over the spikes and had to backtrack for dust.  Also the mysterious floating paintings creep me out.  Since they aren't on a layer that scrolls at the same speed, they appear to be floating in front of the far off background.
edited Sep 15, 2014
said Sep 15, 2014
sorry if it's a stupid question but how would i resolve the problem with the paintings? Put them on a layer that's more in the background or something?

And i'll keep the other things in mind the next time i make a map :)

Keep in mind that the fact that you can go left means there is an any% route from that point.
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 15, 2014
All the layers above 11 (12 onward, non parallax) move at the same speed.  Its so you can build things and stick decorations on walls, or put support pillars and stuff that's part of the level structure in the background, so platforms aren't mysteriously floating in air.  The lower number layers parallax to give a sense of far off distance.
said Sep 15, 2014
try to detail you're layer with more things of the same theme. also a good way to learn to make maps. is to use 15 of the 20 layer so you know what layer does what as a basic thing.
said Sep 15, 2014
Decent level. Keep it up!

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