Zynax V3

by crankyhenk
created Sep 14, 2014
139 views | 283 downloads

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map notes
Version 3 of my first map Zynax,

Changes V2:
changed the ending so it isn't just a long stretch. Fixed the music trigger so that it works this time around.

Changes V3:
Added death zone so you won't fall infinite at the end of the map.

If anything comes up feel free to leave a comment!


said Sep 14, 2014
Pretty good! There are a few things that that could be cleaned up (there's some leaf props just sitting near the starting area, pretty sure those aren't intentional) but it shows promise! I found a really good and possibly unintentional Any% route :P
said Sep 14, 2014
If the "unintentional" route is going down and left from the beginning, i  made it that way. The spikes are not just to respawn you if you mess up the jumps, otherwise i would have "sealed" the area with a vertical wall to the left.

And yea i noticed the leaf props but that was after uploading version 3 so i am not gonna make a new version if it isn't impacting the gameplay itself.

Thnx for your comment!
said Sep 14, 2014
great map, smart person, i like you welcome to the community.
said Sep 14, 2014
thnx ^^
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 14, 2014
I feel good about crashing my game playing this map because I supered too close to the spikes.  But on the other hand,,, you encouraged me to super that close to the spikes by the way you placed the prisms... Hmmm...
said Sep 14, 2014
The super isn't required at the end to finish it ;)

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