Castle Run

by FatherFriendship
created Sep 12, 2014
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map notes
This is my first try at a map, so it's pretty simple and kinda short! I tried to pretty it up as much as I could bur it still looks kinda ugly in some places. It's called castle run but it goes through a bunch of different environments!

Tested with blue man dust friend, assumed to be possible with all others!


said Sep 12, 2014
>1 min = short? :u

Neat map in any case.
said Sep 12, 2014
I only really started playing the game this week, I don't know how lengths work haha! Glad you liked it tho!
said Sep 12, 2014
There aren't really any ways to get any sort of speed on this level because it seems everything is put in a place "because it can be" rather than "because it should be".

Short = 10-20 seconds
Medium = 20-45
Long = 45+

This is most definitely a long map :p

My advice would be to start off with shorter maps first, or even play a bit more of the game to understand some more of the mechanics (you said you only started this week).

Fairly good for a first try though. :D
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 12, 2014
For the record, I second playing more of the game, and more custom maps, before really delving into making your own.  Next time please give it a music trigger, it defaults to "Safe Place to Sleep".
edited Sep 12, 2014
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 12, 2014
Blue Man Dust Friend is my favorite character too, meow.
said Sep 12, 2014
This feels a lot like moon temple.
said Sep 12, 2014
For a first map you have a lot of good ideas! You definitely are on the way to making great visual maps, they can use some touching up but the shapes feel fleshed-out and real.

Gameplay-wise is where the map suffers, there were a lot of times that I found myself frantically scanning my screen for which patch of leaves was the logical "next" one, and there were a few parts that I couldn't really figure out a "right" way to do it.

Overall, the actions seem a bit scattered, and lack the flow and direction that I look for when playing most maps. I think the concept is good, it shows promise, but this map needs work. I look forward to future creations :)
said Sep 13, 2014
Not a bad start. Like a couple of others have mentioned, the routes are kind of all over the place and it makes the first few playthroughs pretty confusing.

I would recommend playing the game more and taking a look at some of the higher quality maps in Atlas to get a better understanding of good level design.

Happy mapping!

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