Attack of the Space Ooze

by Tooplark
created Sep 5, 2014
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map notes
Wow, it's been a while. Hopefully some of the issues that plagued my earlier maps are less present in this one. I think there are a lot of interesting choices in how to approach the map, especially in the any% route. Enjoy!

Edit: Fixed some camera issues.
retagged Sep 6, 2014


said Sep 6, 2014
The starting spawn is weird, due to the delay of the countdown you can't actually boost from where you are, Test instead of tabbing into the game from the editor, by restarting through the menu

There's also a lack of dust on several sections of the map which causes the player to not know where to go

The pillars with spikes on them seem entirely unecessary and just slow the player down for no reason, they are also a weird shade that isnt immediately recognizable as foreground.

Generally, ending the platform the player is running along is a good way to tell them when to jump and where, This map has long sections of floors and it's very hard to know when to jump

Moving Paint cans- Not something specifically wrong with the level, but I don't see what they add to the map aside from being annoying, I much prefer slime blobs/other passive floating enemies.  Making them stationary is also much less of a hassle

You have dust on slopes that you run up, It's also immpossible to have/acquire a boost to go up these slopes. It is normally faster to jump up a slope rather then run up it, You dont allow us to jump because of the dust, so we having to boringly walk for a bit, seems like a flow killer.

This slime golem in the wall should have spikes all around the inside to allow for more creative attack directions to hit and kill him.

After killing the slime golem it is EXTREMELY unclear where to go due to the lack of dust in the map

You have some steel here that isn't foreground, and some that is. And it's extremely hard to tell which is which.

Avoid using dustblock tiles for anything OTHER then as dustblock tiles, I thought I had to gather/super the huge block and died because the map was confusing and unclear

Later in the map you have a dustblock floor that is so awkward that I can't actually figure out how it was intended to be done, everything feels slow and clunky. Definitely a flow killer ( i suspect this is due to you not understanding the game at a super high level, so  you don't know exactly how players will do things when trying to go fast)

The camera is still extremely jarring and unhelpful in several places

This map has a severe lack of recovery options, made further frustrating by the juxtaposition of easy sections that are alright, and then a very weird and awkward section. The player will probably make mistakes at the awkward section, and in this map, Usually just falls way back down with no way back up, sometimes with a lack of places to die at even. And then the checkpoint respawns you at the beginning of the easy and straightforward part, makes you do it all again, and hopefully you get past the awkward section this time.

You seem to place spikes in places the player might hit an enemy, but you did not do a thorough enough job on it, as you can still spread dust in several awkward places

Enemies on walls while falling- No, These are terrible and annoying beyond all hell, particularly the rooted blobs

Make platforms look like platforms, some "asteroids?" are able to be stood on, others arent. If i can stand on it, make it clear. If I can stand on 1 asteroid, make it consistent that I can stand on all of them.

I rate this map  a 1.5/5
said Sep 6, 2014

EDIT: ok fine I read it. Agree with almost all of it.

my main reason for not really playing it was the above, combined with just being too long and confusing. >> might play it again once other players have routed it out, idk

our IRC channel is a great resource for new mappers looking to get feedback on their maps before they release them, come check us out

dont let bird scare you away from making maps, he's harsh on great maps too. >>
edited Sep 6, 2014
said Sep 6, 2014
I appreciate the detailed feedback, and I'll keep it in mind for next one.
I should mention that everything in the foreground is that orangish shade - I was hoping that would be a clear distinction between the two. I guess not.
edited Sep 6, 2014
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 6, 2014
I also fell through some space thinking I was landing on a foreground element.  The camera is amiguous enough that after the first launch ramp I legit didn't know whether I was supposed to go up and clear that room or continue to the right.  Also, when a map takes this long to complete (more than a minute for the fastest SS's) it should have the "long" tag.  Really though, I got very tired of playing the level quickly from a host of problems already stated by others, and it just not being fun.
said Sep 6, 2014
Welcome back Tooplark :)
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 6, 2014
I say we nuke it from orbit.  It's the only way to be sure.

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