by Riokaii
created Aug 29, 2014
460 views | 789 downloads

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map notes
Slidey level, lots of speed and slopes.


said Aug 29, 2014
It's an ok map. There's an issue with progression here ( ) that feels very ambiguous on what you should do because the ceiling slope suggests that you should be going all the way up, but then you get launched to the right instead into what is basically a 50/50 on which direction to go. Also the ceiling here is silly ( ) and pushes you straight out of that section in what I am assuming is the intended way to do it.

A camera would be really nice to have. You get stuff like this ( ) and this ( ) that are just blind. Even minor parts like this ( ) would benefit from a camera to make the next section more visible. Levels just generally also feel much nicer with a good camera.

Other misc. things, these blobs feel kinda hidden ( ). Maybe using different spikes or making the holes bigger would make them more visible. The background also feels pretty lazy.
said Aug 29, 2014
awh my super strat is routed now :P, fun map bird
said Aug 29, 2014
You really like dome don't you.
Luke's Cat
said Aug 30, 2014
Wasn't  sure where I was supposed to go, but I liked it once I did and knew what the camera was hiding from me. Sorry about using both my accounts, accidentally played on my DRM free at work.
Shin Rekkoha
said Aug 31, 2014
Level at least needs to be zoomed out a little more, even if you don't make a proper camera route.  Zetta Slopes are no fun when zoomed in too much to see them coming or plan.  That and it's also confusing where to go, and some fixed nodes would help that.  Art is poo poo.

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