Waterfall Caves

by Riokaii
created Aug 21, 2014
427 views | 858 downloads

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map notes
i can only make rocky backgrounds look good. This level kinda plays like a mix between Towelie's maps and Ascent, but both of those aren't bad things so I just kinda went with it. Fireflies indicate checkpoints.
edited Aug 21, 2014


said Aug 21, 2014
Seems really good to me, one heart, I mean 5 hearts.
said Aug 21, 2014
Seriously though, you shouldn't point bomb birds maps when they're actually good.
said Aug 21, 2014
feels very time locked. rated 5, good map anways
Shin Rekkoha
said Aug 21, 2014
Bird, generally the waterfall family emitters look better when actually placed on a layer of transparent tiles, especially the tiles specifically meant to be water.  It has some parts where wierd ground slope positioning and low ceilings break flow and hamper the speed you can get, so I agree with it feeling "time locked".  A resounding 3 mehs out of 5 kappas.
said Jun 20, 2023
Thanks to your levels, I never run out of challenges. Thank you so much.

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