Creepy sky

by Slish
created Aug 14, 2014
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map notes
my secin map this time is night and you are above the city on glass sky looking down at below. omg if you fall u will die! CREEPY ;)


said Aug 14, 2014
i cant know how to play to not be anonymouse. i got dustforced from friend and cann play with not annymouse
said Aug 14, 2014
getting better, please put more effort into maps before uploading though.
said Aug 14, 2014
Good progress, try using slopes on your next level (scroll up with the mouse wheel when you are using the tile-placing tool)

I like the effect that all the slanted buildings in the background gives
said Aug 14, 2014
Nice! I like it!
Sir Useless
said Aug 14, 2014
The tag "hard" is a little bit misleading but I think this is a clear improvement compared to your first map. Next time try to use deathzones like I mentioned on your last map ;)
said Aug 14, 2014
He did use deathzones
Luke's Cat
said Aug 14, 2014
placement at the end let me fall past them :l
Shin Rekkoha
said Aug 14, 2014
Slish this is much better.  How old are you?

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