Despiked Backup Shift

by Curticus
created Aug 10, 2014
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map notes
Safe for practicing if you haven't already mastered the real deal.  However, the parts where you have to hit a floating glob and jump or dash are now harder as the goop you splatter gets all over the walls.  Hope this helps someone!

By the way, you'll get a red key if you complete it.  Kind of cheap but there it is!
edited Aug 10, 2014


Shin Rekkoha
said Aug 10, 2014
It helped me, it helped me so much.  I don't think I could've kept on living without this map.  *sobs uncontrollably*
said Aug 11, 2014
Hahaha, maybe help isn't the right word.  I hope it teaches folks something, or makes them grateful for spikes.
said Aug 10, 2014
This map is much harder to SS since you can't use heavies.
said Aug 10, 2014
not sure how this would help... you're going to give bad habits of moving in places where there would be spikes but aren't
Luke's Cat
said Aug 10, 2014
Ah yeah, gave me a red key!
said Aug 10, 2014
Uhh how did it give me a red key when I already got every red key?
said Aug 10, 2014
There isn't any code set in place to not give you a red key, so the system just obeys.  Congratulations on your new novel treasure!
said Aug 10, 2014
strange, I decided to check up, removed all save downloaded this card has passed, and I was given the red key.

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