Sluggy Muggy

by Krankdud
created Jul 30, 2014
402 views | 721 downloads

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hard lab city

map notes
I decided to try making a hard map with a bit of a city and lab mashup as the theme. There's quite a few one tile wide stuff like in Hideout, and I tried to mix in some interesting stuff as well.

Thanks to Eklipz, Calistus, Doughnation, Furkiepurkie, and Invert for testing!
edited Jul 30, 2014


Shin Rekkoha
said Jul 30, 2014
I only accept platforms two tiles wide or more.
said Jul 30, 2014
Super fun level, will take a break from it for now, as I've lost one too many SS's to scrolls.
said Jul 30, 2014
Man i really don't like that beginning dust maid.
said Jul 30, 2014
great map, 5/5, luffy too stronk
said Jul 30, 2014
fun map, reminds me a bit of night temple too
said Jul 30, 2014
this map is super fun, although the random scrolls and maid really stand out as weird. I like the scroll section, but it would probably be better off on another map, since it kind of comes out of nowhere. Please make more difficult interesting platforming maps like this!

also, I'm proud of owning the slowest SS on the leaderboard. Super noob strats go!

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