by Sir Useless
created Jul 28, 2014
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map notes
I was bored so I made this, it's a mansion-ish level with features like:

- My first zip
- Knights
- More things to kill
- 1 Super Secret Apple

Also dust and slopes.

Any feedback or constructive criticism is highly appreciated :D


said Jul 28, 2014
i thought the background was the foreground at first. Generally brighter more saturated colors are foreground because they stand out, rather than dark dull colors for foreground.  This also makes the white slope ramps unintuitive. You taught me at the start of the map that dark=collision and bright =background. Except then the slopes are bright white and collision instead of background.

I think the wrecking ball is both unecessary and unintuitive. If you need arrows to point to something, that something should probably just me bad clearer and not need arrows in the first place.  

Overall the platforming felt a bit off but thats really common for new map makers and you'll get better with that over time.

at the end its not really clear that there is a maid way further left. I thought the gargoyle was the finish

The overall enemies feel kinda out of place to me, I think the map would work better without as many enemies and much more focuesd of pure movement.

With all that said its among the best ever for a first map and I think once you get a bit more comfortable with the editor and the game overall you'll make some cool maps I can't wait :D
Sir Useless
said Jul 28, 2014
Thank you for the comment bird and now after finishing the map I see what you mean with mistaking the background for the foreground which indeed is pretty confusing.
I'm currently very unexperienced with the editor and therefor I experiment a bit.

I don't know what I was thinking with the wrecking ball and that will never happen again. It was just some idea that got stuck in my head so I don't really know how to explain the reasoning behind having it there.

The white little slopes are supposed to be some sort of ring around the black tiles and they just became weird when I kept them there :S

I completely agree with all of your statements and I'll make sure to think about it when I make my next map :)

(ps. this is my second map ;P)
said Jul 28, 2014
With the arrows I thought I had to attack the ball first time, like it was a hidden prism or something, I had no reason to jump on the ball at all otherwise, unless I was going crazy slowly.

As far as the left side of the map, while on the far left side of the the apple cavern, you can see the left side of the map, and you can also climb to the top of the level from there, and jump off the left edge, which lacks a death zone.
Sir Useless
said Jul 28, 2014
Once again, I'm sorry about the wrecking ball. (My brain didn't work properly)

The apple area was something that I didn't focus on at all so after publishing I too found that you could see the edge but it was too late to fix. I didn't test if you could climb all the way up because I wasn't expecting anyone to try :o

I still appreciate the comment though :3
edited Jul 28, 2014
Probably not Towelie
said Jul 28, 2014
I found everything to be perfectly clear as to what was foreground and background, however it was a slightly odd level in the sense that I couldn't make heads or tails of what the actual route is through certain parts. SS'd it first try though so no problems really. I would recommend using the parallax layers in your next level just to give it a sense of depth, it also does wonders for the background by making it look much more... I don't have the correct word in mind so I'll just say professional. Looking forward to what you come up with next!

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