4 Way

by Celdur
created May 3, 2012
278 views | 649 downloads

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/ 4 votes

map notes
You need to clear 4 different sections in the order you choose.
More a test of endurance than anything else.


Miss Andry
said May 7, 2012
it's a really cool level, and I love how each zone changes color and changes music, but the city place really screwed me up. Once I got there, I fell down to the bottom path and couldn't get back up because I had already used the little virtual monster thing. You should put something to kill you there and a checkpoint or something.

Plus, after I did kill everything, the level never ended, so I dunno. Either way, it's really cool, but I had some problems with the city part
Miss Andry
said May 7, 2012
plus, there's a part in the city where I just jumped off and just fall forever and no death. Just work out some kinks in that zone and it'll be an awesome level

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