map notes
"Literally Lava Shard" is a mostly artistic remake of TheBirdOfPrey's CMR submission map: "Stone Shard".  There are tiny layout changes, and even then only to accomodate laval pits or make sections flow a little smoother.  There's also a checkpoint halfway through now that death is a real possibility.  As I 100% seriously pointed out that most maps could be improved by adding lava, I asked Bird if I could remake his map, largely because I thought his original map's art was lackluster.

His response:
"all i ask"
"is that in ur next map"
"layer 20 isnt covering dust..."

With rules that easy, how could I possibly screw it up?  ...By adding lava and more porcupines!

Appropriate Music:
retagged Aug 3, 2014


said Jul 27, 2014
Burninating the peasents
Gotta love strong bad
said Jul 27, 2014
Its amazing how lava can even make maps with porcupines fun.
said Jul 27, 2014
apple to end% is a dumb
Shin Rekkoha
said Jul 27, 2014
You're a dumb for stealing the sacred apple.
said Jul 28, 2014
I like how you fixed some of my dustkid related annoyances to the level.
Shin Rekkoha
said Jul 28, 2014
I never tested with FatKid, I simply improved flow and made changes that made it smoother for me to play.  Sometimes I made sections take slightly longer by adding more porcupines or a lava pit to avoid, but that's just cus I want to watch the world burn.
Shin Rekkoha
said Jul 28, 2014
Lowest rated of all my maps: Is Bird Map.  Memetic status achieved.

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