Prism Hops

by Hextech Pon3
created May 3, 2012
516 views | 1104 downloads

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map notes
A map focused more around chaining jumps off of enemies rather than the usual running and sliding.  Intended to be more of a fun and cool map instead of a hardcore challenge, but there's a few spots to watch out for.

Built around testing with Dustboy, but possible with all the others.

Had a lot of fun making this one, hope ya'll like it.  Lemme know if something seems borked.

edit: odd, in the editor the first color palette is blue, yet in the level itself it starts out yellow.  Ruins the rainbow color order effect I was going for.
edited May 3, 2012


said May 3, 2012
very very very fun map! :D and nice light show!!
said May 3, 2012
Super fun level with a well-done difficulty scaling as the level progresses. Great job.
said May 8, 2012
Probably one of my favorite maps so far.
said May 11, 2012
Very fun map, felt so mad when I missed SS twice cause I used the special too early trying to get a faster time.

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