by Sir Useless
created Jul 26, 2014
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map notes
My first attempt at making a map. I tried my best having never used the editor before this so I'm not really sure how it turned out. I just hope that it isn't too bad of a first try ;)


said Jul 26, 2014
Really nice first map Sir Useless, that color scheme is awesome as well!
Sir Useless
said Jul 26, 2014
Thanks ABoss :) I appreciate it, personally I wasn't sure if the colours would look good or not but I'm very glad you liked it! :D
said Jul 26, 2014
5/5 love the any % but i suck
Sir Useless
said Jul 26, 2014
Thanks a lot :D I'm happy that you like it :P
said Jul 26, 2014
Not a bad start. One very helpful tool that a lot of beginners tend to neglect is the camera tool. It really helps to see what you're getting into as you play the map for the first time, and the camera tool allows you to see it all. For example, you could try zooming the camera out at the first slope, so you can see where you're actually going.

Otherwise not bad!
Sir Useless
said Jul 26, 2014
I appreciate the constructive criticism/tip Bbop :) I'll definitively try to use the camera when I make more maps but for my first map I just found the camera tool too advanced ;)

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