Not even close

by asdHeyB
created Jul 14, 2014
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map notes
Well, here is our second level. We took lightningtwilly's and ABoss' advice to play with background layers and this was the result. It is not as fast or shaky as H2O, but I think we got it right. We are still experimenting with the editor. Hope you like it, HF <3


said Jul 14, 2014
I think this is for the most part a major quality improvement over the last level.
said Jul 15, 2014
Very cool, I really like there is some sort of a laboratory theme throughout all of the level. I liked less the fact that at the last platforms the very long distance combined with the zoomed out camera makes it really hard for dustman to jump from exactly the edge and make it(I'm bad :( ). I'd have some other small remarks but I think the level is really successful anyway! Nice job!
said Jul 17, 2014
dang... when we created the map we purposedly zoomed the camera out to see where you were going to land... but maybe too much
glad you liked it anyway :D
said Jul 15, 2014
That section at the end is so irritating as man/girl.

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