by digi7
created Jun 12, 2014
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map notes
Hi guys, just made a short map today to pass some time. Hope you enjoy :)

If you missed the Dustforce fan art I made and posted a while ago you can check it out here:



said Jun 12, 2014 This turkey isnt mapped to the goal this turkey is a massive dick about spreading dust at the bottom half of his bounce cycle. Other than that great map, 5 hearts from me

How come you never hang out with us in IRC? D:
edited Jun 12, 2014
said Jun 12, 2014
Oops, I adjusted his position and forgot to link him :( and I usually just neutral or up heavy that other turkey, didn't pick that up. Thanks though man!

I've never been on the IRC dude, I'll make sure to jump on and say hi :3 when are you guys usually on?
said Jun 12, 2014
all day erryday. Theres enough in there that theres usually a few of us up at any given hour :P usually most active around 18:00-ish GMT if my terrible math is correct.
or if you have your own IRC client port 6667, channel #dustforce

Goes for anyone else too who doesnt know about the community in IRC ^^
if you dont have an IRC client, bookmark the link and join us when you're bored. We do fun things like race dustforce or blind race custom maps etc :P
said Jun 12, 2014
nvm made me rage, 0/5 hearts Kappa

in all seriousness, holy hell is that angled ceiling slide into groundboost hard to get right :/
said Jun 13, 2014
Simple, yet very effective. Fun map. :)
said Jul 15, 2014
Very nice medium difficulty map!

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