by glass
created Jun 7, 2014
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map notes
No butts here.

This map started out  from trying to fit a half completed map into bird's grid map challenge.
edited Jun 7, 2014


Probably not Towelie
said Jun 7, 2014
You should not make the background a color that literally hides the prisms in the wall. Couldn't see any of them the first time, missed the top one the second time and the bottom one I didn't find until now. Not cool.
said Jun 7, 2014
So sorry. It didn't occur to me that they might have camouflaged.

Will remember to make a contrast between the prism and background in the future.
Probably not Towelie
said Jun 7, 2014
Try to make a cutout in the wall with spikes on the inside so that they don't spread dust either, that way it's even more obvious that there is an enemy there that needs to be cleared.
said Jun 7, 2014
Noted :)

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