Standard Procedure

by Probably not Towelie
created May 26, 2014
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map notes
Hopefully this map contains enough boosty-ness. Lazy background as always, hope you enjoy.
edited Mar 19, 2018


said May 27, 2014
Great map and this is not a really lazy backgorund...there are a lot of layers and details ahah.
I find really fun the ceiling parts (with the dust also in the floor).

OT: I noticed that you need a second page on your profile. It doesn't show all of your maps.
Probably not Towelie
said May 27, 2014
Yeah I don't know how to get a second page haha I think it is a website shortcoming but I may just not know where to look.
said May 27, 2014
quite laggy for me, its either the slightly zoomed out camera throwing things off, or too much stuff in the background, I dunno.

With that said, super fun map, love the flow. Both any% and SS play nice, and I look forward to beating anyone who tries to beat me :3
said May 28, 2014
Cmon EklipZ... you can do better than that :P
said May 27, 2014
The red shift kindof bothered my eyes a bit, though it was still a neat effect, the blind drop after it just made me sad.  It was fun, and I got to an oddity of the game mechanics I didn't already know (that ceiling riding in a 2 tile space still counts as you touching the ground as well.)
said May 27, 2014
Don't talk about lazy background and come up with this xD
Check my maps to get an idea how lazy backgrounds look like. Great map as always tho! :-)
said May 27, 2014
or mine! stars OP
said May 28, 2014
exactly :D
said May 27, 2014
said May 27, 2014
so much fun. i cant nail the dash-light-dash-light-dash-heavy part at the beginning as well as id like but it was still fun.

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