by Tropicallo
created May 26, 2014
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map notes
Hi all, this map has a little bit of story behind it.

This map was recovered from my old pc, and was my first real attempt at a fully fleshed out map using the editor. According to my old pc the original file was created May 2nd, 2012 and wasn't touched/modified after June.

Overall I changed very little about this map after I moved it to this pc, maybe a few dust/slope placement edits are the biggest changes. Only one small secret spot in the map as well, nothing too wacky, honestly I would say pretty much 95% of this map was how it looked two years ago. I may have looked at this map for so long that I can't see anything wrong with it, but then again it's 2 years old so I'm not sure if it even matters at this point.

I do hope you enjoy playing the map, it's a long map and I know not a lot of people are big fans of that, but I really wanted to keep the map the same as it was back then. Please let me know what you think, and thanks!


P.S. This being a rare case of a "not -custom map race- map" from me can I just say real quick that I really, really, appreciate everyone in the community and the support/feedback I get in the atlas and irc and custom map races and etc. It goes without saying that 99% of the maps I've made would not be here if not for all you cool people. The idea that ANY of my maps would be considered good enough to be picked up and be part of the console version is crazy to me.

That means a lot. You don't know how undeserving I feel, and how appreciative I am. Thanks so much everyone.



said May 26, 2014
Wow that is so cool! I can't believe already 2 years have gone past! About your p.s., everytime I check the Atlas and I see a new Tropicallo map I get joyful and wonder what you got in store for us this time ^^, I can say that every single map you released is a quality map and so much fun is had on each and every one of them :D Awesome stuff!
said May 26, 2014
Dang, every single map. I'm doubtful about -every- map of mine being good, but I will take your word for it and say, thank you very much ^^
said May 26, 2014
A is for apple
said May 26, 2014
2 books next to each other, my bane.  Was a fun level though.
said May 26, 2014
Wow this map is really really good. Not too difficult, no irritating bits. Feels like a combination of Ramparts and Ghost Parapets.
said May 26, 2014
Too bad i can't race with you guys, French schedule here, love this map.
said May 26, 2014

i tried to type the youtube link into google and got nothing, whats the video supposed to be?
said May 26, 2014
the link works fine. i'm guessing you mistook the sneaky capital i as a lower case L?
said May 26, 2014
Yeah, it was hard to find a video I liked with a good enough url to not make it too confusing. it's I as in uppercase I not l as in lowercase l. so I not l.
said May 27, 2014
said May 26, 2014
hi tropicallo i <3 u
said May 26, 2014
Forewarning, i have not played the map yet, however, great map love it 10/10. :D
said May 26, 2014
Tropicallo for president (◡‿◡♥)

I love the map by the way. I really like long maps, and no parts of this map felt like fillers to me.

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