Trapped Rat

by Tropicallo
created May 17, 2014
234 views | 730 downloads

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map notes
Created for the Custom Map Race

Layers, etc.

(edit) I guess I messed up the any% trigger somehow, it's more annoying to get now, sorry.
edited May 17, 2014


said May 17, 2014
invisible walls
said May 18, 2014
dustkid master race
said May 18, 2014
I have a feeling I found this map harder then most people, for no real reason.  Was certainly the hardest of the race maps for me.  That said, it was an extraordinarily unique feel.
said May 18, 2014
I feel like maps like these are easier to play if you try to do them fast. Going slow kinda messes up with your flow and pace. Judging by your replays, you seem to play it save and try to get a guaranteed SS without putting too much risk in the run. While that is a viable approach (especially for CMRs where dying over and over again can waste more time than doing it save in one shot), it doesn't really work out with maps like these.

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