ghostblock parapets

by fireball
created May 17, 2014
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map notes
I said that I would do this at some point, and I did, albeit incredibly lazily.  This is ghost parapets with it's dust replaced with dustblocks, which turns out to be about the worst idea ever.  Any kind of graphical flair was copied over and then mass turned into virtual blocks, and really, that's about all I did.  Have "fun".


said May 17, 2014
I don't know if you could have messed up the end of the level any worse than you did.
said May 17, 2014
It was a possible climb with all chars, so I left it unchanged from the original dust locations.  Initially I had added some extra solid blocks for leeway, but nah.
said May 17, 2014
You got a little swamped by the race :p Pretty cool idea, if only a remake. A few blocks can be tricky to see whether you'll fall through or be able to stand on, but that's just learning the map.
said May 17, 2014
agree with african. the beginning was alright but the end was straight out of hell.
said May 17, 2014
It is quite bugging me, but I will try to carry on this idea. I'll start with specific parts of the Tutorial.
EDIT: Probably not going to, it is a really long and detailed level.
edited May 17, 2014
said May 17, 2014
You do know how to copy content from one level to another, or do you just mean the length.
said May 18, 2014
I am a lazy type, I decided to try and do it by copy pasting the tutorial map into source map files and editing it from there. It's too long for me.
said May 18, 2014
How you can copy content from one level to another? You can also copy and paste tiles in the same level?
said May 18, 2014
It's a glitch, and It only works on tiles, to copy content you need to select what you want to copy (which can take awhile, and sometimes requires multiple trips), exit the editor, open a different map, and then move the selection and the tiles will be pulled in.

You can dupe with just one map, just move your content to where it doesn't overlap anything, don't save the map, exit and reload the map, then move the selection, then you have 2 copies of the tiles.
edited May 18, 2014
said May 14, 2022
Good job!

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