Descent to Hell

by Autority
created Mar 24, 2014
312 views | 608 downloads

/ 12 votes

/ 3 votes

map notes
I made the corrections u asked me to:
_Put some checkpoints
_Connect the goal to the last enemy
_Modified the camera in some points
_Reduced the number of the enemies

I hope this time u'll enjoy this!


said Mar 24, 2014
You should attach the end flag to every enemy at the end, not just some of them. It's not a big deal though.
said Mar 24, 2014
It's much more enjoyable with checkpoints :-)
said Mar 24, 2014
Woops, rated 1 star thinking it was the old map, just ignore that :)
Captain Syrup
said Mar 25, 2014
Sooo much better. Quite glad you decided to fix it up. It's actually a lot of fun! The aesthetic is incredible, everything always looked amazing but now that it plays well too it's great. Can't wait to see more out of you.

Also, I would SS but that replay is kinda OP.

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