Descent to Hell

by Autority
created Mar 22, 2014
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map notes
I hope u'll enjoy this descent to the deep of the darkness...


said Mar 22, 2014
This looks interesting, but you're really going to want to re-release it with checkpoints and the ending flag attached to an enemy.
said Mar 22, 2014
You should link the red end flag to enemies and re-upload the map.
Too many enemies for my taste but it looks nice!
said Mar 22, 2014
I like the level design but the camera is *really* bad, I died lots of times due to falling into spikes I couldn't see in time. Would love a reupload with checkpoints and a better camera.
said Mar 23, 2014
Camera is too zoomed out, Dust and walls are covered by layers so you can't see. zero flow. Bad map.
said Mar 24, 2014
Really cool but you need to learn how the checkpoint and end-point flags work. Place an end-point flag and then hold shift and click the enemies that are required to finish the level. Checkpoint flag, place it and hold shift and click around to select an area which "triggers" the checkpoint.
said Mar 24, 2014
I made the correction, find the map on my profile. Thank u very much to explain me how to put the goal.

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