by DustCreep
created Mar 15, 2014
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map notes
My first map, so there sure is room for improvement :)

I've made a stupid mistakewith dust placement (look at Sivades comment), but appereantly you still can get SS, so I just leave it like that.
edited Nov 1, 2014


said Mar 15, 2014
I cant tell what's dust and what isnt.
said Mar 15, 2014
Just did it a few times, seems I've messed up somewhere, can only get an A in completition. I'll try to fix that tomorrow and re-upload it.
said Mar 15, 2014
its because of this dust http://i.imgur.com/ZbzH8F3.jpg. really cool map other than that little mistake. pretty impressed it's your first map
said Mar 16, 2014
Awesome, this helps me a lot, thank you !
said Mar 15, 2014
Looks really cool and has some really fun parts in it! But yea be careful with using similar colored dust and blocks, even as maker this might give you problems knowing which is which and you might accidentally leave one that cannot be cleared (everyone gets an A/S score). (you can run the map and see if S/S can be done by moving the map around in the dustforce folders btw)
Either way, a great job at your first map! Definitely had fun :)
said Mar 15, 2014
Wtf my any% replay bugged out in such a weird way at roughly 16 seconds. It wasn't just the replay tho.
said Mar 15, 2014
Reminds me of what maps were like before everyone lost their passion :3
said Mar 15, 2014
You might want to work on your cameras and some of the dust placement, but it's hard to fault a map that tries to do so much different ideas. Fun stuff.
said Mar 15, 2014
its pretty confusing first playthrough but its fun to run even with the weird dust placement lol

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