Forgotten Tunnel Backwards

by Thth
created Feb 27, 2014
513 views | 607 downloads

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map notes
These backwards maps only have the beginning and the end swapped, and death zones, triggers, and occasionally checkpoints edited as appropriate. These maps are meant to be exact replicas of the regular maps, and by principle, nothing is changed to accommodate the feasibility of these maps. (that's the point, please stop complaining)

However seemingly-impossible the map may be, the fun is in finding creative ways to complete a carbon copy of the original map reversed!

only completable maps will be published henceforth with at-most daily frequency


said Feb 27, 2014
You should batch publish all of your backwards maps at once, then hide all of them but one, and collect all the installplay/download/leaderboard links in the description of that map. Hidden maps are still playable, downloadable, have leaderboards, etc, and this way we can avoid bogging down actual content with low-effort spam. At the same time, the negative impact on the people that enjoy these maps will be minimal.

Another month of this really wouldn't be fair to content creators.
said Feb 27, 2014
^ agreed
edited Feb 27, 2014
said Feb 27, 2014
I enjoy some of these maps, but I agree with what dough says. The biggest problem is that these backwards maps, although a neat idea, are very easy to replicate, and it's trying to crowd in with some of the more original maps that some people spend lots of time creating.
said Feb 27, 2014
I agree with dough as well. Not that I hate these maps, they just are seriously crowding the atlas.
said Feb 27, 2014
please take dough's suggestion
said Feb 27, 2014
Dough for president
said Feb 27, 2014
Completely agreed. I don't mind the idea of including "backwards" maps, but seeing them getting spammed all over Atlas lately has gotten pretty irritating.
said Feb 27, 2014
+1 to all
said Feb 28, 2014
This is a pretty good idea - I don't mind these maps per se, but every original map I'm looking for gets drowned down several pages so incredibly fast like this.
said Feb 28, 2014
There appears to be a consensus on the front page being overcrowded, and looking at the numbers now, I agree that regular maps being published aren't having the same exposure they were prior to the backwards maps. Quantifying this, looking at how many times these regular maps were downloaded on average before and currently, a ~20% drop in downloads can be observed.

Right now when a map is submitted to the Atlas it stays on the front page for ~5-6 days, which is indeed somewhat too short a time. If I however were to publish a backwards map once every two days as opposed to every day, the front-page longevity should double.

Hiding the maps seems too-extreme a solution, so for now I'm going to give uploading every other day a try. If a new map stays on the front page for ~10 days, one would imagine that this exposure should give anyone interested in a map the chance to see and play it. If for some reason this doesn't return the average downloads per map to previous counts, I'll try for another solution (such as what Dough suggested).

Civilized discourse as opposed to flame is nice and productive! Apologies for the trouble I've caused, friends.
said Feb 28, 2014
Okay here's what will need to happen:
I'm going to make it so any maps made by "Thth" that have a name that ends in "Backwards" will not appear on the "most recent" or "hot" lists.  That way you can still publish the maps and have a page for them, but they won't appear on the front page.  Then you can make your own general map and, in the description, link to all the pages of the maps.  Just make sure the name of your general map doesn't end in "Backwards".

I'm gonna do it in a bit, not asap, because I'm a bit busy.  But you might want to start thinking about how you want to format the general map.
said Mar 1, 2014
@Madtato : Thank you for proving me i was right about you kid.
Now i know who's behind those fake account, you should be really ashamed of yourself.
said Mar 1, 2014
It's not me. I'm not ashamed to do it on my own account, so why would i be ashamed of someone else making those accounts? I'll say things straight up.
said Mar 5, 2014
@lifeformed: I've already published and hidden all the maps, so there's no need to make exceptions to hide the maps (if it'd be easy and fast to do though, then it would be nice so I could unhide the maps so they'd show up in search and allow comments :)
said Feb 27, 2014
Captain Syrup
said Feb 28, 2014
Why did I get a key from that...
said Feb 28, 2014
He uses already existing maps and edits them. There's a known "bug" that using a stock map will give you a key like a regular map does. Keys obtained this way will however disappear when closing the game.

Also one of the main reasons I would suggest not using these maps because this can become confusing indeed.

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