Rooftops Backwards

by Thth
created Feb 25, 2014
318 views | 633 downloads

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map notes
These backwards maps only have the beginning and the end swapped, and death zones, triggers, and occasionally checkpoints edited as appropriate. These maps are meant to be exact replicas of the regular maps, and by principle, nothing is changed to accommodate the feasibility of these maps. (that's the point, please stop complaining)

However seemingly-impossible the map may be, the fun is in finding creative ways to complete a carbon copy of the original map reversed!

only completable maps will be published henceforth with at-most daily frequency


said Feb 25, 2014
Stop fucking posting these shit fucking maps. They suck ass and are fucking stupid. All you fucking do is put the fucking spawn at the end. Nobody likes this shit so stop spamming and fucking posting these shit ass fucking maps.
said Mar 2, 2014
I actually really like this map.
said Mar 2, 2014
You should try Vats backwards, that one's actually a way more interesting map to run than the original I think

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