by Tinker
created Feb 22, 2014
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map notes
Hundreds of shipwrecks line the city port, blasted to pieces by the jaggedly rocks, while seagulls peck at the poor drowned sailors' eyes. Mayor and aldermen wonder out loud whether this is another one of those newfangled performance art pieces, and make sure to pre-emptively arrest all young ladies in bathing suits in case they use their "rock-and-rollers" to lure the boats to the rocks. You can never be too sure. The council shakes hands, nods sagely, and goes home, while the cleaner who comes in to pick up the coffee mugs carefully mentions that it would perhaps help if the local lighthouse wasn't caked in a thick layer of impenetrable garbage. "Look, pal" huffs the mayor. "It might not seem like the best sign of environmental care that a 30 meter high building got covered in unsightly trash to a plebeian like yourself, but what do you know?"


said Feb 22, 2014
I swear I spend more time making dumb secrets than the map itself. Also big thanks to Giamma and boen for playtesting and suggestions.
said Feb 22, 2014
Very nice map, beautifull ending, found all the secrets i guess <3
said Feb 22, 2014
Love your map descriptions.

Very pretty.
said Feb 22, 2014
looks pretty cool :) fun to play, good job at all :)
said Feb 22, 2014
So many routes...that I didn't figure out during testing XD
said Feb 22, 2014
Not only did my time get absolutely brutally murdered, so did my intended route - oh well, it's all good.
said Feb 22, 2014
rip cmr
said Feb 22, 2014
can we expect some more Tinker maps in the future? pleeeaaase
said Feb 23, 2014
Yes I've been waiting for this map. :D I agree with Superkid, more Tinker maps!!

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