Underground laboratory

by Captain Syrup
created Feb 18, 2014
713 views | 659 downloads

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map notes
The intro level from Megaman Zero, and my first map. Enjoy.


said Feb 18, 2014
Awesome! The small camera window annoyed me very much the first run, get's better after you do it a few times. Nice first map, too bad I didn't play that Megaman version :)
Captain Syrup
said Feb 18, 2014
I tried to make it consistent with the original game, and also if the camera was out any further you'd be able to see how sloppy everything is. ;)
said Feb 18, 2014
The camera also kinda reflected how much the original game zoomed in too.
Captain Syrup
said Feb 18, 2014
Yeah that's what I meant. I tried to find a balance between making the character take up the right amount of the screen and keeping the sprites looking high-res.

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