Wiring Backwards

by Thth
created Feb 15, 2014
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map notes
These backwards maps only have the beginning and the end swapped, and death zones, triggers, and occasionally checkpoints edited as appropriate. These maps are meant to be exact replicas of the regular maps, and by principle, nothing is changed to accommodate the feasibility of these maps. (that's the point, please stop complaining)

However seemingly-impossible the map may be, the fun is in finding creative ways to complete a carbon copy of the original map reversed!

only completable maps will be published henceforth with at-most daily frequency

Wiring: bits of dust were added to the long drop to make the map ss-able; hopefully they don't interfere with the efficiency of the climb.


said Feb 15, 2014
would be curious to know whether doing the map regularly or taking the upper tunnel would be faster any%, the times appear to be similar
edited Feb 15, 2014
said Feb 15, 2014
niether \o/
said Feb 15, 2014
oh god
said Feb 17, 2014
I know you don't want complains :p but there is just one thing that would make some of these maps more fun to play is if the camera wasn't screwing up. Even removing all the camera nodes would make it more fun in my opinion. However, you could argue keeping the camera adds to your idea.
said Feb 17, 2014
I feel like keeping the cameras as they are is part of the challenge of doing an exact copy of a map backwards, however less fun it does make the map. Unless the camera makes it so that you might as well be playing blindfolded, I'll probably keep them as is.

(you're not complaining by the way :D constructive comments are always welcome)

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