Lakeside Run

by Towelie & Meark TM
created Nov 15, 2013
443 views | 679 downloads

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map notes
This level was made partially by Towelie and Meark. The route was designed by Towelie and the visuals were done by Meark. Enjoy!

Also, it should be known that this level is best completed with dustman, dustgirl or dustworth as dustkid will have lots of trouble getting through the part depicted in the preview.
edited Nov 15, 2013


said Nov 15, 2013
Glad to see a collab, looks like it worked out well
said Nov 16, 2013
42 apples :O
said Nov 18, 2013
Super Administrator
omg dream team collab!

Awesome map - I have one tiny visual suggestion, general to all maps, really: try to avoid the floating platform look - instead, connect them with background tiles to the ground.  That'll keep it to the style of the stock maps.
said Nov 18, 2013
Yeah I forgot about those platforms in the beginning. D:
said Nov 23, 2013
This map is so perfect. I love how you used the waterfall to organically lead the player through the drop-down.

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