Mirror Temple

by Giamma
created Oct 26, 2013
838 views | 1135 downloads

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map notes
I finally decide to finish this map.

The idea is not mine, but I took it from the map "Derorrim" by Nerphs (http://atlas.dustforce.com/1852/derorrim).
There are also the "Equi" series by Krackocloud (http://atlas.dustforce.com/user/KrackoCloud) that play with symmetry and also the map "Vgodea Nocil Noxia" by DoughNation (http://atlas.dustforce.com/1726/vgodea-nocil-noxia) that uses a mirrored background.

If you like to observe animals or you have a really good eye, there's a secret.

Thanks to Magnetbrain, Seight, Superkid and Wis for playtesting and suggestions!


said Oct 26, 2013
Orb tree discovered
said Oct 26, 2013
This is how the mirror mechanic should be.
Gorgeous design with a perfect sense of flow. Also nice secret.
Definitely one of my favorites. Great job.
said Oct 26, 2013
Where's the secret?

Edit: Found it!
said Oct 26, 2013
Sub-3 any% :)
said Oct 26, 2013
this is so perfect :-)
said Oct 26, 2013
First level since Streets of Rage where I just sat at the beginning to appreciate the visuals, so good. The design is really well done too.
edited Oct 26, 2013
said Oct 26, 2013
I think the execution feels better than derrorim because there's no ground/ceiling in the way of the positive vs. the negative side
said Oct 26, 2013
PS3 and Vita are going to be missing out hard without this map in the custom mappack
said Oct 26, 2013
This is very nicely executed (very impressive flow especially considering the mirror mechanic). Best part over Derrorim is that you can tell where the dust is.
said Oct 26, 2013
Yep, Derrorim was really good except the dust. It was so hard to see. :(
said Oct 27, 2013
I fully admit that my time should not be first place.

EDIT: OK this run is a little more respectable.
edited Oct 27, 2013
said Oct 27, 2013
Its funny, I had that time on like my 2nd run but missed a single piece of dust lol. Ah well, grats!
said Oct 27, 2013
Thanks for comments! Glad to see that you liked it!
said Oct 27, 2013
Super Administrator
Awesome!  Great use of the camera system too.
said Oct 28, 2013
LoL, thanks for the (undeserved) credit. I think the map is gorgeous.
said Oct 30, 2013
Gorgeous map. I love the mirror effect and the overall color of it. :D Giving me a run for my money haha.

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