Quiet Countryside

by Probably not Towelie
created Sep 24, 2013
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map notes
So this is my attempt at an Acropark themed level, complete with red sunset, porcupine madness, cranes, and flow beyond belief. (May contain only slightly above average flow) Anyways I hope you guys like this map because it took forever for me to complete. Please no 1-heart ratings :/ Enjoy and remember to comment about what you thought was good, or bad (which I hope will be very little because I had people play-test this map for me).

Big thanks to Magnetbrainn, African/jvc_pro, and Seight for play-testing :)

Also there is one secret that I included in this map :)
edited Mar 19, 2018


said Sep 25, 2013
Belief.                                                                   Flow.
said Sep 25, 2013
excellent flow and overall a super fun map :-)
said Sep 25, 2013
i forgot to comment :o i enjoyed it. i stopped after ssing it once earlier but i will definitely have some more fun going back and improving my time tomorrow. i don't really have any complaints either. good map :)
said Sep 26, 2013
What a beautiful sunset. :)
said Sep 26, 2013
I challenge someone to a WR battle. :)

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