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created Aug 17, 2013
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map notes
Sorry for the delay putting this back up I've been really busy the last couple days. I'm hoping the AS issue is fixed. I've been over this map  making sure it doesn't happen with most of my freetime. I made a few small changes as well, most people were struggling with the trashbin and it made any%ing the level a complete nightmare so I got rid of it.

Anyways, a level about porcupines. I'm hoping they are implemented in a way that isn't completely aggravating to people but who knows. Made with Dustman/girl in mind, I think Dustkid and Gramps are going to struggle. Other than that I think its pretty straightforward.

Thanks Kuro, Magnet, and African wouldn't be able to make a functional map without ya!

Edit:If you're having trouble with the beginning just fall down and swing left and let them pass by. That way you can just go as fast as you want after that without worrying about being hit.
edited Aug 17, 2013


said Aug 17, 2013
I'm still getting the ASs, but it doesn't seem as bad now. I'm just going to apologize if its an issue with spreading dust or something that I missed.
said Aug 17, 2013
said Aug 17, 2013
said Aug 17, 2013
said Aug 17, 2013
Yeah probably not medium, dunno it didn't feel that bad to me but I'd practiced it for a while. This is actually after I made it significantly easier than the original path I had laid out, I actually thought it might be a bit too easy now. Guess not. xD
said Aug 17, 2013
You guys like those bullets. xD
said Aug 17, 2013
MORE! Actually, it was kind of a coincidence that we both had the same idea. Talked about new map ideas over steam and both were working on a similar idea.
said Aug 17, 2013
not tooo hard once you figured out where to go and what to do. the bullet escape could have been longer to feel the thrill for some more seconds^^ anyway i really like the idea!
said Aug 17, 2013
Yeah I thought about doing that, but didn't want to draw it out too long for people that didn't like the mechanic. Ah well.

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