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by neeve
created Jul 3, 2013
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map notes
Well it's a simple map, really easy, might look stupid at the beginning but the point is using the trash bags the trash cans spit in order to get the prism in the top right... I don't know how to make the prism the only thing needed to get hit to get an SS, so it just gets a DS...


said Jul 3, 2013
build a super to make SS
said Jul 3, 2013
you could have made it such that the player had to climb a bunch of trashcans by killing the shot-out bags; that would have been a bit more fun.
said Jul 3, 2013
Cool concept, but I think the easiest way to get the effect you were after would be to start at the bottom, maybe in a hallway to the left of the trash cans. Have some dust in the hallway so you can't just get hit over and over to build up a special and then have 30+ large prisms up top stacked on top of each other (or just near each other if killing them is way too loud like in "The Well" Aboss's level) so you get an instant special and make killing all the trashcans part of the end of the level.

Not sure I described that clearly, hard to explain in text.
edited Jul 3, 2013
Probably not Towelie
said Jul 3, 2013
Pretty boring really, voxanimus has a good idea you should try that for next time.

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