Wooxen Ae

by DoughNation
created Apr 27, 2013
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map notes
Hopefully not too irritating. I cannot control how high gargoyles float even though I place them so very low, thus they position themselves in inconvenient ways upon respawn. Sorry.

There is one obvious secret.
edited Nov 9, 2016


said Apr 27, 2013
Perfect difficulty
said Apr 27, 2013
ohh man this was legit. looks harder than it is, so beating is feels like more of an accomplishment than it should. nice work.

one small critique: the gargoyles do not resolve well against the white clouds in the BG at the end. just something to think about.
said Apr 28, 2013
Ack. The only reason the clouds are there is to prevent the sun from being visible in the long jump section too...

Thanks for the feedback.

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