The Andys

by NewClassic
created May 1, 2012
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map notes
Designed to be primarily vertical and give a wildly different playstyle for each character. To the best of my knowledge, is S/S capable with every character. Admittedly, it's my first level, so please excuse the awkward and admittedly bland background.


said May 2, 2012
Nice level! I really like it.
said May 2, 2012
Super Administrator
Cool.  There were a few times where I fell really far and it reset the checkpoint to a place where climbing up was unreachable since the leaf blocks or enemies were gone.  Make sure you have the killzones in the right spots
said May 2, 2012
Yeah, I figured I'd have a few holes in my first map, and that was one of them. I couldn't figure out a way to do some of the killzones because of how vertical the map ended up being. If I'd've put killzones to intercept falling to an old checkpoint, they'd've intercepted the player climbing on the way up. I couldn't see a way around it.

Next time, I think the better plan would be to have the stage move a little horizontally as well to avoid that issue cropping up, but I couldn't see a ways to fix it for this particular shape of the map. Hopefully won't be an issue in my next build.

EDIT: Found a way to fix a few of those spots, although there's one that continues to baffle me. Is there a way to update the map?
edited May 2, 2012
said May 2, 2012
I need to try this level at some point considering it has my name (even though I'm pretty sure it's referring to the ANDES Mountains).
said May 2, 2012
Which is also a nod to Hot Fuzz.
said May 3, 2012
Fair enough.

The level is a simple yet enjoyable romp that has shades of Ascent sprinkled into it (a level I enjoy to play).  I enjoyed toying around with it and speedrunning it.

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