Secret Hitbox 1

by vgxmaster
created Mar 23, 2013
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map notes
So I was digging through Dustforce's file lists, checking out unused map files and abandoned areas, when I found this. It appears to be a test map.

Anyway. I cleaned it up, modified a few things that didn't work properly, put in Death Zones and a Goal as required, and, well, here it is! It's very short, but well made, like most of Hitbox's maps.


EDIT: PSA. I also found old Nexus files, and, well, get this. They work. If anyone would like, I can upload the old Nexus (or any other Nexus) as a map, which would let you access the legit in-game Hitbox maps from the old-style Nexus. For the convenience of having every door in one map.

Alternatively, I could make a new Nexus that has all of the easily-accessible maps in one place, and all the Tomes of Levels in one place. Comments or Steamchat me for requests.
edited Mar 23, 2013


Spoon Pandemic
said Mar 23, 2013
Very nice find! Thanks for tidying things up and sharing with us :D
said Mar 23, 2013
Wasn't this one already found and uploaded by somebody? I think it was called Developer Run.
said Mar 23, 2013
Nope. Not quite. This map isn't the same, though it was inspired by the dev map I cleaned up here. Towelie made some design changes, whereas I only tidied things up.
said Mar 23, 2013
Super Administrator
I don't remember this one
said Mar 23, 2013
Oh, hi, lifeformed. Your music, like, changed my life and such.

It appeared to be a testing map that never really got public visitation. Which is why I revealed it. I doubt if anyone really played it, to say the least.
Probably not Towelie
said Mar 24, 2013
All I can say is, there's a reason I changed it.
said Mar 24, 2013
Totally reasonable.

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