Reversed Night Temple

by 53rdturtle
created Mar 14, 2013
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map notes
NOTE: You'll get a red key when you SS it. Because it is modified from the original Night Temple. So if you are still on your way to get 16 red keys, please don't clear this map.

I'm continuing to look for maps which can be reversed. It's fun.
It's interesting to see how the hard parts become easier, and easy part become harder when making this map.
Modified the ending much, otherwise one can finish this map by super-attack too early.
Still very difficult, but better than reverse Kilo or Giga, of course.

SSable with all characters. No interesting any% route though.


said Mar 14, 2013
More like Nightmare Temple
said Mar 14, 2013
I like it
said Mar 14, 2013
night temple is no fun without the super drop
Probably not Towelie
said Mar 14, 2013
Surprisingly fun having it this way around and I agree, much easier than reversed kilo or difficult haha
said Mar 14, 2013
inb4 dozens of reversed maps
said Mar 14, 2013
Reminds me why I hate Night Temple so much. At least it was more fun doing it in reverse I guess lol.
said Mar 15, 2013
dude is it just me or is this wayyy harder than reverse Giga. wow.
said Mar 17, 2013
I really enjoyed this. I am far too crap to ever try and SS it.

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