Virtual Circus

by BatElite
created Feb 24, 2013
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map notes
For some reason I decided to make a circus, this is also a test regarding 3-dimensional illusion.
retagged Jun 8, 2014


said Feb 24, 2013
And this is awesome! It's fun to try to find out the routes to take through the prisms scattered around, and there's some really cool visuals to go along with them, and great original findings scattered around. One thing I should mention I forgot to say on your other level and goes for this one as well is that your checkpoint zones are very large, which means that even though you didn't pass the previous segment, you sometimes end up respawning in the next. Other than that, awesome.
said Feb 24, 2013
I really like the part with the prisms, as dustman can just barely reach all of them it is quite tricky :D, would probably be easy with the OP jump characters. I'd like to point out one issue with the camera tho, just at the part where you wallrun up to get to the highest prism, if you move down along the wall the camera refused to come down as well making it impossible to see where you are going.
said Feb 24, 2013
wow these maps are amazing
said Feb 25, 2013
It was sometimes unclear / illogical as to where you could and couldn't stand, and the camera tended to get screwed up in several parts if you didn't do it exactly as you planned people would do it, other than that I love the concept and the map is really good on your 2nd way through.
said Feb 25, 2013
I totally agree with tinker, this map is awesome.  I do recommend paying more attention to the cameras though.  The part with the wall climb is really annoying because the player is completely blind when falling down to hit the small prisms below.
said Feb 27, 2013
this a one map that i needed to ss even being 4/5 difficult rate, which most time i dont complete. but this one i did it and it was so fun, i want more.

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