by Ravencoff
created Feb 23, 2013
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map notes
So there are at least 3 distinct routes.  

The overland route is fairly easy, but is kind of clunky when the underground route shows up.  

The underground route is pretty difficult, but my inclination is that it is faster, hard to tell though.  Sorry for the bad camera work >_<

The slope boost any% route is kind of a funny little thing.  There's enough 45% slopes on the level to have a bit of fun.

There's an apple.  There's some mole people, and there are some scientists.
edited Feb 23, 2013


Probably not Towelie
said Feb 23, 2013
I liked it, fun, simple, and relaxing all in one map :)
said Feb 23, 2013
Underground route is pretty cool, sort of hard to pull of/not sure how much faster it is.  Would probably put more effort into trying an underground run otherwise, lol.
said Feb 23, 2013
Yeah, I 'think' it's faster, but it is way harder at any rate, so it's hard to judge.  My camera work is pretty awful >_<
said Feb 23, 2013
very cool map, and i also felt like discovering the plot behind the village and the scientists with the guys on the cage

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