by Treacl
created Feb 19, 2013
429 views | 703 downloads

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map notes
Explore through floating islands in the sky!


said Feb 19, 2013
Very nice map, good detailing and fun to SS!
said Feb 19, 2013
Some of the stuff seems a bit misplaced for dustman. Which character was this tested around?
said Feb 19, 2013
Its fine for me on dusman
said Feb 19, 2013
Hah, that was fun. Staying in the air for so long is always enjoyable. One minor complaint I had was the restrictive deathboxes, particularly annoying in some places where it feels like you could've saved yourself.
said Feb 19, 2013
Really fun map, though the deathboxes do limit any% pretty heavily.

Still, great route if pretty mandated. The inside-ruins part is trickier than it looks!
said Feb 20, 2013
It's been said before, I'll say it again: Deathboxes, please use them AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.
They are simply an unconditional death that you cannot see coming, if you want people to not pass through an area use other VISIBLE means, like spikes or whatever, but deathboxes are just always such a moodkill when you're routing for any% or fall down somewhere where you can still save yourself and you just die instead.

Other than that it's a great map, kudos!
said Mar 7, 2013
Pure genius. Really liked the ending, too--nice and crisp, how it should be. You should check out a map called Ruined-Civilization by czulki. It's got similar gameplay and visual style.

(I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here, but I just wouldn't be thorough if I didn't say it myself: the killboxes are suffocatingly close to the level tiles. Try placing them a little lower so you fall a bit before dying. Even in areas where the player can never save themselves, it still helps to convey the feeling of falling, rather than simply running into an invisible wall of death.)

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