Autumn Path

by Scuttles
created Feb 17, 2013
371 views | 627 downloads

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map notes
The first level I've created, I'd appreciate a lot of feedback as I would like to get into level creating.
If you do give it a try, thanks a ton!


said Feb 17, 2013
Great stuff, I like how the minimalistic use of tiles makes for a cool visual style. It flows well and works intuitively, which is great. There's some minor places where it's very easy to miss small patches of dust if you're going fast, and the two big leaf blockd rops can be a little awkward. Otherwise, awesome job!
said Feb 17, 2013
Also sorry for breaking the any% :x
said Feb 17, 2013
Thank you very much!

Really appreciate the feedback, already tossing ideas around in my head for another one.
edited Feb 17, 2013
said Feb 17, 2013
that was an enjoyable map! both for any% and SS :D
said Feb 17, 2013
Thanks Marksel! :)
said Feb 17, 2013
Very nice map!

Had a lot of fun grinding that level for a good SS run :D
said Feb 17, 2013
Okay I did it again, was able to shave off another 2 seconds!

Really awesome map!
said Feb 17, 2013
Holy crap that city skyline is beautiful

The level is really nice too :>
said Feb 20, 2013
5/5. This is a really, really well built map. Love the heavy use of red brick--it really compliments the forest assets. Nice flow, too, despite how often you change direction.

There's just two small problems though, the first being that it's incredibly easy to miss some spots of dust if you're moving too quickly. It's not so bad that you can't compensate for it, but it does detract somewhat from the map's fluidity and adds unnecessary difficulty to SS runs. The second is the area with the porcupines and the spikes. I can see that you intended it to be difficult, but the close placement of the enemies didn't feel right. Makes it a little cramped, especially the last one just before the wall. Other than that, it's brilliant--definitely something I'll replay.

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